The original long reach aerosol sprayer.

Don’t buy an imitation! Reach ‘n Spray has helped thousands of do-it-yourselfers and professionals reach what needs reaching for nearly a decade. NO OTHER PRODUCT matches the quality, price, design, and function of the Reach ‘n Spray.


      It is simple to use – one moving part
      Durable – pro’s prefer it
      Universal – fits all standard aerosols and extension poles
      Safe – avoid ladders and insect stings
      Lifetime Guaranty – if it breaks, we will replace it for just the cost of shipping


      – protect trees with pruning spray
      – eliminate unwanted pests and insects
      – spray paint
      – window cleaning
      – smoke detector testing
      – lubricants
      – identify unwanted limbs
      – apply aerosols under houses, docks, or autos
      – reach beyond fences for quick access
      – reduce risk of inhaling harmful foggers
      -… and more

Fits all types of cans